Promotional items and clothing that resemble you

At PromoCostTM, our long-term relationship with customers allows us to know your preferences and requirements from one purchase to another. We can suggest items or promotional clothing to match your current image or the one you want! You can also count on us to let you know why some promotional items may not be appropriate for you.

Have you ever selected the wrong colors? Your lettering? Does your logo seem weird on your objects? Not at PromoCostTM. We are proud to know each one of our members and customers and all the little details that characterize them. We have chosen our suppliers and subcontractors with care so that their work will meet your highest standards of quality. Because you deserve it!

No compromise on service

At PromoCostTM, we are there for you. Our business hours meet your needs: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 19:00.

You can easily reach one of our advisors. Of course, we have voice mail, but they are rarely used... It will be our pleasure to take your order and to follow up with our suppliers and carriers. In addition, we have optimized our processes so that you never have to wait after us; we are fast, but never expeditious.

The best price

Because of our buying power, you get the best possible discounts from our suppliers. PromoCostTM members buy their promotional items at the lowest price.

Members also benefit from grouped purchases organized by PromoCostTM, allowing them to save even more.