Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership conditions can be modified by PromoCostTM without prior notice. Changes will become effective upon the renewal of the membership.

PromoCostTM can refuse the membership application from any company. PromoCostTM may also terminate or cancel any membership without cause or if the member does not respect the terms or abuse of his or her privileges. The interruption or cancellation of the membership of the principal member results in the interruption or cancellation of the membership of the branches or franchisees associated with that member.


Website Terms and Conditions

This website is the property of PromoCostTM. We make every reasonable effort to ensure that this site is current and does not contain errors or inaccuracies. By using the site, you use and accept it as is.

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PromoCostTM can change the terms and conditions from time to time. The new conditions are then posted on its website and by using this site, you are deemed to have accepted the new conditions.

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Conditions associated with Computer Security

It is prohibited to disrupt, violate or attempt to violate any computer elements associated with the PromoCostTM website or its information technology infrastructure, including servers, computer network and associated databases. Any wrongdoing may result in your civil or criminal liability.